E-Sesion with Shamiso & Leslie

Don’t you just love it when Cultures inter-marry, Shamiso is from Zimbabwe & Leslie’s from South Africa. i got introduced to this wonderful Couple by another friend named Shamiso, i had soo much fun shooting this guys. Please enjoy some of my favorite pics..

_MG_2163_MG_2167 copy_MG_2177 copy_MG_2180_MG_2184_MG_2194_MG_2196 copy_MG_2200 copy_MG_2209 copy_MG_2218 copy_MG_2224 copy_MG_2234 copy_MG_2241 copy_MG_2256 copy_MG_2270 copy_MG_2274 copy_MG_2284 copy_MG_2287 copy_MG_2297_MG_2308 copy_MG_2330 copy_MG_2335 copy_MG_2336_MG_2370 copy_MG_2394 copy_MG_2395_MG_2402 copy


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