Tobi’s Graduation Shoot

I had the Pleasure of Taking Tobi’s Graduation Pics, Heres a few pics from Our SessionTobi Grad Pic-1Tobi Grad Pic-6Tobi Grad Pic-7Tobi Grad Pic-9Tobi Grad Pic-12Tobi Grad Pic-14Tobi Grad Pic-16Tobi Grad Pic-18Tobi Grad Pic-19Tobi Grad Pic-21Tobi Grad Pic-22Tobi Grad Pic-24Tobi Grad Pic-28Tobi Grad Pic-31Tobi Grad Pic-32Tobi Grad Pic-35Tobi Grad Pic-36Tobi Grad Pic-38Tobi Grad Pic-39Tobi Grad Pic-40Tobi Grad Pic-44Tobi Grad Pic-46Tobi Grad Pic-48Tobi Grad Pic-52



Am Finally done wit NC A&T State University

-Tobi O



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